JOOPS: Riding On The Blockchain

The future can no longer wait, it is here!

Welcome to JOOPS, the world’s first decentralized shared electric scooter Eco-system powered by blockchain technology.

There has been a robust and strong growth in transportation services popping up in developed cities around the world. Due to this new sector we have seen the creation of international brands like Didi, Uber, Mytaxi and even car sharing like car2go, Maven & Drivenow.

Now there is a new trend emerging! Electric scooter sharing! A new electric revolution! JOOPS scooters are an urban commuter’s dream; shared scooters are an affordable, convenient way to move around town, and because it is environment friendly to scoot you are minimising your carbon footprint, creating less congestion in cities thus reducing dangerous fumes. With the speed of its acceptance electric scooters will soon outgrow the free car sharing market.

Why Should I Consider JOOPS Scooter

JOOPS is the world first electric scooter company on the blockchain, providing a global electric scooter hire service, combined with a peer to peer sharing network. JOOPS makes it possible for the consumer to become a operator by purchasing a JOOPS scooter and renting it out on their network. So in theory you could live in the US and own a JOOPS scooter that is deployed in Australia for example, and be creating an income renting it out. This allows the opportunity for anybody in the world to become an operator and create a passive income on the JOOPS network. Each scooter will have its own cryptocurrency wallet built into it, allowing payments to go directly to the operator’s scooter; this will allow the operator to access their funds from anywhere in the world using their private wallets key.


Blockchain technology makes it possible to establish a secure digital identity online, which can include a driver’s license or a passport. Each user has to register to the JOOPS network ÐApp (Decentralized App) before gaining access to their rental services. The JOOPS smart contract technology makes the registration process possible by providing the required functions to register a user, to remove a user from the register and to check if a user is registered in order to prevent unauthorised access.

Collection And Drop Off Points

Unlike other companies JOOPS scooters will have dedicated drop off/collection/charging points located all around the surrounding areas of the cities they are deployed in. So each journey will start and finish at a dedicated collection/drop off point. This will ensure that all scooters are stored neatly and recharged in between usage. JOOPS scooters are fitted with an integrated GPS system which prevents trips from being ended outside of the dedicated drop off/ collection points. Due to the uniqueness, detailed information regarding the logistics of this part of the business model is being kept confidential up until closer to Their launch date.

Blockchain Payments

Tariffs for scooter hiring would be considered as micro payments, so when using current payment infrastructures like credit or debit cards for these small micro payments it becomes very costly for the operator, not to mention the start to end processing times of up to a few days. Blockchain transactions are not only significantly cheaper regardless of the debited amount but also processed within seconds. With the JOOPS blockchain technology, it is the vehicle that collects the appropriate amount before the user is granted access to it. This eliminates the risk of not getting paid. While credit card transaction fees on micro payments can be as high as 10% for a single ride, transaction cost for blockchain based payments will be close to zero. It is needless to say that this is a significant improvement.

Reliability And Scalability

Only with the JOOPS proven and robust technology is it possible to create a platform that can scale to millions of scooters as well as users. The highly distributed, decentralized architecture of their blockchain technology eliminates single points of failure and contributes to an always-on mobility service. The single most important success criteria can be achieved: reliability! This is the key for any shared mobility service. Users rely on mobility services in their everyday lives to go to work, run errands, visit friends and they will only adopt these services in the long term when their trust is not being disappointed. The service simply has to work.


JOOPS blockchain technology will contribute to making these services more accessible, attractive and economical for both users and operators globally. By now, it is indisputable that shared mobility services are the future, in particular electric scooter sharing. I believe that JOOPS blockchain technology will create a far superior P2P sharing platform than any of our competitors. by making transactions between all parties more secure and efficient.

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