Using a JOOPS scooter is the best lifestyle choice you’ll ever make

Become a JOOPS scooter commuter

Lack of activity is the single biggest killer in this day and age; In fact according to research published by The Lancet in August 2016 just working in an office could very well be more dangerous to us all than those reaching for the cigarettes. Office life breeds inactivity, which leads to health problems, such as heart disease, and diabetes. Experts recommend that we do at least 1 hour’s activity every day spread out throughout the day.

Fitting this in isn’t easy in the modern world, when we are distracted by so much technology, and it seems everything is geared to making our lives less rather than more active. We no longer even have to take a trip to the shops, as buying online is so simple, and we have the power to use the internet wherever we are thanks to the phones we keep in our pockets. This is making us lazy.

We need to make lifestyle choices to encourage ourselves to be much more active. This is why it makes sense to think about adding a JOOPS scooter to your life.

Most people aren’t lucky enough to work close to their homes, in the last Census over 11 million people in the UK commuted from one local authority to another to get to work.

That’s a lot of people that are potentially in danger of developing health problems, For those within the 11 million that are office based, fitting in their daily activity isn’t going to be easy. Getting up and down to get water from the cooler or nipping out to the coffee shop during the course of the day is one way to fit that all important hour of activity in. Why not make it even easier though, by replacing part of your bus, tube or tram commute with a little trip on a JOOPS scooter? Even a short there and back at the beginning and the end of your day at work could have a significant impact on your long term health.

Use the commute to de-stress

Anyone that commutes to work every day, whether by car, tube, or bus knows that it is most definitely not relaxing, and is often a little bit smelly. The lovable and generally relaxed Canadians, specifically the University of Montreal have discovered that just a 20 minute commute a day makes you more tired, and increases your levels of stress and cynicism.

Chuck in a bit of fresh air, and a JOOPS scooter, and those 20 minutes are going to be a heck of a lot more enjoyable. You can use that time for a little bit of head space

Being more mindful by getting out more

Whatever your situation, having a scooter will enable you to get outside more often, allowing that fresh air to calm your mind. You will be inspired to be more mindful of your mental health. Getting out into the countryside is a very accessible way of improving your outlook on life, and raising your spirits.

Why not use the JOOPS scooter to nip down to the park with the children for some family time? You can even chuck it into the back of the car so you can get out and about near where you live for a bit of exercise, and mindful relaxation. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe in that fresh air for a fresh perspective on pretty much anything. JOOPS scooter’s motor is so quiet it won’t distract you from your daydreams.

All this should be enough to convince you that getting a scooter can only have a positive effect to your lifestyle, and overall wellbeing. Who would have thought that a few wheels can improve your life at work, your health and your mental attitude?