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revolutionising the future of urban city transportation using the blockchain

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Earn a 5% reward payout: 

Register your wallet address to the JOOPS HODL program and receive a 5% reward on your JOOPS balance every 30 days.
1) In order to register your wallet into the HODL program You must fill out the form below.
2) The first screenshot will be taken on the 1st of march 2019 and then the 1st of every month thereafter for a period of 12 months.
3) The screenshot will record the total amount of JOOPS tokens held in the registered wallet on the 1st of every month, this amount will be used to calculate the 5% reward.
4) After 30 days of HODLING your JOOPS tokens in a  registered wallet you will receive a 5% reward which will be automatically added to your balance.
5) To qualify for the 5% reward the JOOPS tokens held in the registered wallet must not be moved, sold or placed on exchange, open sell orders for at least 30 days.
6) You CAN have open buy orders for JOOPS.
7) Additional JOOPS token added to your registered wallet after the (1st of the month) screenshot will be recorded in the following months screenshot.
8) If any JOOPS tokens are moved, sold or placed on exchange, open sell orders within the 30 day HODL period the 5% reward is forfeited. 
9) Example of 5% reward payout: 100,000 JOOPS tokens held for 30 days = 5000 JOOPS token reward.


There is a new kid on the block and our goal is to create a global Electric Scooter hiring, P2P sharing ecosystem powered by the blockchain.