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The Decentralised  Peer to Peer Electric Scooter Hire company 

Powered By The Blockchain

JOOPS is a P2P electric scooter hire & sharing company allowing users to instantly rent and unlock electric scooters directly from their phone with a tap of a button. JOOPS also offers users the option to rent out their privately owned JOOPS scooter on the JOOPS platform and earn a passive income directly through our decentralised dApp.

JOOPS utility token is designed to be the standardised currency in which its main purpose will be to facilitate transactions and payments directly through the JOOPS network allowing for a seamless reliable rental experience.

How it Works
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Download the App

Download the JOOPS App on android or iOS and create a profile


Find your nearest JOOPS scooter 

Find your nearest  JOOPS scooter, using the JOOPS App, select your journey destination and then pre-pay using JOOPS token


Scan and Go!

Once you have located your pre booked scooter simply Scan the QNR code on the JOOPS scooter to unlock, then off you go 


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JOOPS peer to peer network enables the user to instantly unlock & rent a JOOPS scooters using their mobile phone, as well as offering the opportunity to become an operator allowing users to rent out their privately owned JOOPS scooter on the JOOPS network and earn a passive income in the form of JOOPS cryptocurrency. This is all made possible through the JOOPS DApp.

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The Decentralised Electric Scooter P2P Hire Company Powered By The Blockchain

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JOOPS token is listed on Crex24 exchange and Waves exchange





1. Asset name - JOOPS.

2. Ticker – JOOPS (short name of Asset).

3. Algorithm - Waves based asset.
4. NO. of blocks / block height - 1078731

5. Token supply 200,000,000
6. Commission Fee - 0.001 Waves.
7. Block time - 1 min
8. Programming Language - Scala.
9. Secp256k1ver - New

JOOPS token technical specification:

Secure your JOOPS tokens

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JOOPS token is fully integrated into the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet

What is a hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets are secure offline devices. they store your cryptocurrency offline so you can’t be hacked. Think of a hardware wallet like your bank account. Where as a normal online wallet or a mobile wallet that you would install on your smartphone or computer is more like the traditional wallet or purse that you carry cash in your pocket. Your hardware wallet is used to secure larger amounts.

To download a JOOPS compatible wallet and safely store your tokens simply click the relevant button below: